Marvel Movie-Verser: First Look at Cap and Spidey!

Interwebs you have been good to me today. Not only have you met your standard role of mindless entertainment, but you’re gone above and beyond and given these.

Captain America

This image is from Entertainment Weekly. Up till now we’ve only seen brief glimpses and concept art of Captain America. This looks phenomenal for a specialized WWII combat suit. It defiantly has a super-soldier feel to it.  I wonder if it will be updated for the Avengers.


What a cool update to the Spider-Suit. Though it’s not identical to the comic I like the changes. If this were first movie I’d be upset how different it is. With a the new movie I don’t  blame them for wanting to strike out on their own. This looks like a the hole thing is made out of jersey material. It makes sense that Peter Parker would raid Sports Authority or Modells for supplies. I think making the webs part of the design instead of separate material was a great idea.

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