Marvel Movie Verse: Hawkeye’s Costume

Hawkeye is the only member of the Avengers to appear in the upcoming movie which the general audience has not seen yet. His original costumed consisted of purple tights with a horned mask and a quiver full of trick arrows. I always had a problem with the concept of the character because how does a human armed with medieval weapons compete? I’m willing believe that Captain America can pull it off because, well face it he is Captain America. So how could the Amethyst Archer measure up to Iron Man and Thor?

Were I working on the Avengers I would have him closer to his Ultimate incarnation, as a member of the black ops team. After watching Black Widow’s battle scene in Iron Man 2, I’d imagine any S.H.E.I.L.D. special agent would be capable of fighting like that. Hawkeye could just specialize in ranged combat. He shouldn’t just have a bow and arrow. I’d make him as skilled of a marksman as  Daredevil’s enemy Bullseye. I would love to see Hawkeye as a weapons master. He’s deadly with any projectile, and is armed to the teeth with guns. The reason he carries around a bow and arrow is because he like its. It’s his equivalent of of Captain America’s shield.
Hawkeye’s costume should be sleek and functional. The movie makers should steer clear of making him like the comic book version. His Ultimate costume was a a good start. Maybe draw some inspiration from Smallville’s Green Arrow costume, just loose the hood.

Hawkeye isn’t a make or break character for me. He like the Black Widow is there to fill out the roster of the Avengers, and provide fodder for a possible future spin off. The biggest problem would be an awkward interpretation that distracts from the any of the other bigger characters.

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