The End of Superman’s Marriage

A sign of reboots to come?

Rumors have it that amongst the fallout of the DC universe reboot, Superman and Lois Lanes marriage will be coming to an end. This echos Marvel comics’ Anti-Christ of a storyline “One More Day”. Calling it an Anti-Christ, isn’t me using a colorful metaphor as an overly sensitive inwebs nerd, in the story Spider-Man literaly sells his marriage to the devil. I’m most certainly NOT a fan.   This was an editorial mandate so that Spidey, could be a single hip youngster again, and presumably sleepy with random women.  (Classy). Yet the annulment of the Superman marriage doesn’t enrage me quite as much as Spidey’s devil deal.  In fact I think it has alot of potential as a story line.

From what I understand the DC reboot is occurring because time travel has seriously messed up history and so we’re getting a new universe similar to JJ Abrams’s Star Trek. Things in the New DC universe are starting over from scratch. Whereas Spider-Man and Mary Jane annulment involved them accepting corruption on a spiritual level, Lois and Clark are the victims of a negative space wedgie altering history. Just because they’re no longer married doesn’t mean they can’t fall in love again. Marvel seems adamant  that Spidey/MJ won’t work as a couple. DC is just going back to the beginning.

Another tidbit out there is that Superman and Wonder Woman might be a couple. This isn’t a new idea. Kingdom Come explored their relationship in an alternate future and other comics have played with it here and there.  It makes sense on some levels Wonder Woman is just as powerful as he is. They have similar interests in fighting for truth justice and the “American Way”. What  I like about this idea is that it opens the door to several plot lines. Wonder Woman has always been critical of what she refers to as “Man’s World”. Superman has always maintained his belief that humanity is essentially good, and has extraordinary potential. With one hero as a cynic and the other as an optimist, this dichotomy could allow the writers to play some interesting conflict off of the characters.

Why does Superman live as a human being when he could be a god? A relationship with Wonder Woman could potentially present Superman with the option to live as one. In Kingdom Come Clark and Diana’s relationship served to elevate them above the rest of the world. If the two most powerful heroes got married, they could end up like Zeus and Hera ruling from atop mount Olympus. In his heart Superman is a simple Kansas farm boy, even though he is an invincible alien. Wonder Woman is royalty to a race of immortal warriors, who acts as the gods champion in the mortal world. A potential plot could explore if Superman would be brought into Wonder Woman’s world as a being of higher power, or if she will be brought down to Earth by Superman viewing himself as a member of humanity. Of course Superman would choose Earth over potential divinity.  At that point maybe he’d become interested in a mortal woman.


As I said before Lois should represent everything that Superman would admire in humanity. She is completely powerless yet as a reporter she should fight for whats right no matter what. Though Lois is often a damsel in distress, she only gets in those situations because she is totally fearless in pursuit of a story, or the truth. As a social crusader, she can be a hero in her own right. If they end Superman and Lois Lanes marriage it gives them a chance to rediscover their love for each other. I always thought it was shallow of Lois to love Superman, and not notice Clark. Maybe she could initially idolize Superman, but realize that its just hero worship, and start to like Clark because he’s a good person. By having Superman choose Lois over Wonder Woman, and Lois choose Clark over Superman, it would make their love come from a more genuine point, and maybe even a sweet story.


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