Iron Man 3 Trailer Initial Reaction


Any hero’s journey can be split into three pieces: Birth of the Hero, Trial of the Hero, and “Death” of the Hero. Death is in quotes because it’s not necessarily a literal death, but a trans-formative trial that may or may not destroy the hero. If the trailer is any indication Iron Man 3 Will definitely deal with the Iron Man’s “death”. We see his lavish home destroyed. His suits blown up or turned against him, and the emergence of his greatest enemy The Mandarin. But with a hero’s death can also come a hero’s rebirth. Check it out below.

Just for some initial reactions:

  • Tony Stark is strung out and weary of his role in the world, which was a major element of the Extremis story. From what I hear elements of that storyline are being used in the movie  He has a hard time dealing with himself, and this trial will get him back on track.
  • Why did New York (The Avengers) change everything? Shouldn’t Stark be proud he saved the world. Is he stressed that he’s overwhelmed?
  • Speaking of the Avengers how are they going to explain their absence from the movie.
  • We see Stark preparing for some surgery. I wonder if that will be the Extremis procedure itself, which incorporates nano-tech into his body.
  • The Mandarin, played by Ben Kingsley is an interesting take. His appearance and costume are extraordinarily loyal to the comic. He is dressed like a medieval wizard. The Mandarin was traditionally Chinese. Casting Kingsley who is of British and Indian decent makes him appear more akin to a modern terrorist. I don’t mind the racial change as it seems to fall into line with terrorist who kidnap Stark in the first film. Though I wonder how his powers and motivations will be interpreted.
  • I love the Mandarin’s speech.”Children, sheep. Some people call me a terrorist, I consider myself a teacher. Lesson number one. Heroes: there is no such thing.” It’s intimidating and sounds realistic. I wonder what his master plan is.
  • Speaking of the Mandarin, why does he have a tattoo of Captain America’s shield on the back of his neck with an anarchy A?
  • Still no idea what’s going on with Iron Patriot. The rumor is its War Machine with a paint job.
  • I bet the shots of someone in the Iron Man Armor attacking stark and Pepper Potts are the nightmares Tony’s narration describe.

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