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Once sentence review: Wow, I don’t know if I should laugh or cry, but either way I enjoyed it.

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When I first watched the Netflix original BoJack Horseman, I was expecting a Family Guy style humor. It looked ridiculous, talking animal people, animal related puns, and occasional cut gag away humor. I didn’t have high hopes for it. The show follows the day to day exploits of a washed up actor BoJocak Horseman who starred in a family comedy in the 1990’s. His life is a mess. As he starts to write a memoir with the help of his ghost writer Diane Nguye, Bojack and the audience get a full portrait of the title character.

 This was a strange comedy. I expected it be to be much more of a refuge in audacity, finding laughs in the concepts that The Simpson’s, Family Guy, and South Park have made popular.  Though there are episodic adventures, the narrative is much more character driven. Though the cast rounds out stock character troupes, they all have a touch more depth. The humor spoofs the shallow culture surrounding celebrity while exploring the emptiness of BoJack’s life. The comedy is worth a few laughs but isn’t much that stuck out as anything that unique. However the interesting part was the drama. It It gets surprisingly deep, and fairly dark. All of the characters flaws and hopes are exposed. BoJack is a despicable character, but instead of disliking him, I come to feel sorry for him.  The serious elements were tragic and heart breaking. The drama as opposed to the humor is what kept me coming back.

 I’ve heard that that Netlix has renewed BoJack Horseman  and I’ll bite. It’s definitely worth another season.

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