Supernatural: Season 10


I’ve always enjoyed Supernatural, however I always felt the series should have ended with season 5. Sam and Dean defeated Lucifer and Michael preventing the apocalypse. That is a hard act to follow. The civil war in Heaven, the attack of the leviathans, the trials to close the gates of hell, and the angels being banished from heaven were all good stories but when The Winchester Brothers have taken down the devil, everything else is small potatoes. Season’s 9 cliffhanger restored my faith in the series. After being turned into a killing machine thanks to the Mark of Cain, Dean dies, and is resurrected as a demon. I don’t have to explain it. Crowley will do it for me:

I think this might be the best cliffhanger in Supernaturals run but not because it is the most gripping dramatic, or suspenseful. The Death of Dean and the release of Lucifer definitely top season 9 in that regard.  I think this is the best Cliffhanger because it sets up the story and conclusion of the series beautifully. After spending his entire life fighting demons, Dean has found himself turned into one.  The status quo has being devastated. There are so many story options available. Supernatural is pushing itself into new and exciting territory.

 My theory as to how this will play out: Dean will try to use his dark powers to help fight monsters and evil. As a spawn of hell this wont last very long. He’ll give in to the darkness and start trying to create hell on Earth. Sam of course try to save his brother. The intriguing part of this is that Sam went through the trials to close the gates of hell in season 8. He stopped just short of completing the final one… curing a demon.  Dean wouldn’t let him complete the final trial because it would cost Sammy his life. What better way would conclude the series than Sam Sacrificing his life to save Dean’s soul and close the gates of Hell, would echo season five’s ending. It would be more uplifting as Dean would be reborn, Earth would be free of hell’s corruption. Though Sam would be dead it would break the self destructive cycle of death, resurrection, sacrifice and damnation that has gotten the Winchesters in trouble in the past.


There are other Plot threads to fill out.

What will happen to heaven?

Will Castiel die due to the loss of his grace?

What will Crowley do to cause more havoc?

This is the first time I’ve been this excited about Supernatural in a long time!

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