Marvel Announces Phase 3



Thor: Ragnarok, The Inhumans, The Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Captain America: Civil War, and Avengers Infinity War.

So many superheroes. So many.  Marvel has announced all their films slated to coming out in the next few years. I couldn’t be more excited. The only one I feel a little apprehensive about is Captain America: Civil War. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the comic, but I’m sure that marvel will smooth over the weaker elements of the story. With so many superhero movies, and  television programs one might worry that the genre is getting played out. It’s a risk, but if Marvel pushes the stories in unique directions than oversaturation shouldn’t be a problem yet.

Doctor Strange, The Inhumans, and The Black Panther are all extremely unique comics. Though they engage in some of the over played tropes of standard comic fare, they go into realms of fiction we haven’t seen before.

Captain Marvel is probably the most tradition of the superhero films Marvel has slated to come out, in that it will probably feature the debut of a new hero. The unique element is that Captain Marvel is a woman. Though not the first superhero film to center around a female lead, Captain Marvel has a much stronger source material than Catwoman and Electra.  Unlike the other two examples Captain Marvel is a hero, not an anti hero.

As for the sequels, the set up from the previous films has built up enough hype to make the Thor, Captain America and Avengers sequels worth seeing. Additionally they will explore cool ideas. Thor will have to content with an Asgardian apocalypse. Captain America will have to fight Iron Man for the fate of the superheroes of the marvel universe. The final avengers films will have, all the heroes go against Thanos. Too much epic. I can’t wait.

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