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Once sentence review:Gotham’s pilot was a pretty hard act to follow, and though this doesn’t strike out of the part it’s still a pretty good episode.

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Someone is kidnapping street kids, and Gordon and Bullock are on the case.  One could not have two more opposite police officers, yet when someone is threatening children they’re on the same page. It gives Bullock a tiny bit of redemption, and shows what it takes to push Gordon to walk on the dark side. I love how different these two cops are. Watching them bounce off of each other is a blast. Making them find common ground renders them more compelling.


The best part of this episode was the titular character.  If I was impressed with the actor portraying young Bruce Wayne, I was very impressed with Camren Bicondova as Selina “Cat” Kyle. Not only does she look like a young Michelle Pfeiffer, she acts exactly as a proto-Catwoman would. The scene where she tries to comfort a little boy, but telling him to “go for the eyes” of anybody who bothers him, had me laughing. It was such a Catwoman thing to say.


Speaking of young Bruce Wayne, we see him begin his training that will drive him become the Caped Crusader. He say’s he’s testing himself, but to an outsider it looks like a traumatized little boy mutilating himself. I got a kick out of this as it de romanticizes the Batman Mythos. It should be dark and psychological, not the story of a man transforming himself into the ubermench.  Being Batman is a burden. If it weren’t then he wouldn’t be a hero.


This episode also sets up possible further story arcs. Arkham Asylum is name dropped as well as the Dollmaker. Both are probably going to play out over the rest of the season, but only time will tell.


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