Review: The Legend of Korra “After All these Years”


Once sentence review: Balance has set itself up as an interesting shake up to the status quo.

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Time skips can be a tricky thing. At worst it can alienate the viewers who were attracted to the show in the first place. At best it can brings us new and exciting storylines, taking the viewer deeper into the story.  to a new level of involvement.  Thankfully, “After All These Years” Is the later not the former.

This episode is mostly set up for future conflict. The villain set up for this season’s story arc is Kuvira, who has received the moniker “the great uniter”. She is a metal bending warlord who has made it her intention to unit the Earth kingdom. Other than Long Feng we haven’t seen an Earth Nation villain, and he was more of a B villain than a man threat. In only one episode Kuvira has made herself a imposing and threatening villain. She has all the hallmark traits of a fascist. She is ruthless and violent.  The order she provides will save people from starvation at the sacrifice of their freedom. The most fascinating aspect is someone as loveable and good natured as Bolin, willingly works with her, unable to see she’s a monster. The other option for rulership is Woo, the late Earth Queen’s great nephew. Though not “evil”, he is a spoiled, and vain. This is the last person you would want to give the reigns to the monarchy.  Things are wildly out of balance and Korra is needed to find a third option.


The titular heroine only cameos in the last minute of the show, which I felt was a smart decision. Korra is a shell of her former self. She is obviously going to come into conflict with with Kuvira, but she has a lot of growing, and a fair amount of healing to do. Where she has been? What is she going through? How will our heroine bounce back from this? I want to know and I can’t wiat for the next episode


For the record I also love how the look of teh Air Benders has evolved to look more like superheroes.

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