Trailers: Star Trek into Darkness


If 2012 was the year of epic superhero movies, 2013 is shaping up to be the year of epic sci-fi. First on the docket is Star Trek: Into Darkness. With the first trailer out, the sequel to 2009’s Star Trek Reboot looks as though it’s shaping up to be pretty thrilling.  Resembling the first Avengers teaser, the ominous villain gives an intimidating speech, while sewing plenty of destruction. The blaring horns in the music sounds like the Inception trailer. Putting aside my default trekkie excitement; the trailer has alot of promise but leave a great deal of the details vague.

The visuals again look deeply imaginative, starkly futuristic and bizarrely alien.  I still have no idea who Benedict Cumberbatch is playing, but the brief glimpses of him seem pretty intimidating. In the first film Kirk gets the fastest promotion in history, going from cadet to Captain in a day. If anyone can pull that off it’s James Tiberius Kirk but he’s essentially a lucky inexperienced newbie. I hope he really proves himself in this film. Additionally I hope we get to see move of the Enterprise’s crew come together to form the unbreakable bonds I enjoyed watching while growing up.
Star Trek Into Darkness leaves me with some major questions.

Who is Alice Eve Playing?
Some ideas Yoeman Janice Rand, Dr. Carol Marcus, Nurse Chapel

Is the Enterprise Crashing into the ocean?

What does Cumberbatch want revenge for?

What’s the deal with the red forest?

Are the people Cumberbatch is beating up Klingons? (I hope so)

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