About the Author

A. Jordan Booth: Author of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Superhero, and Crime Stories.

A. Jordan Booth is a native of Long Island, New York.  At a very young age a love of fiction and fantasy was engendered in him by his family. Challenged to make up the ending of stories that his mother would start, he created  his first “book” at the tender age of five. This began a creative drive that followed him throughout his entire life.

In high school he was a member of the school’s award winning literary magazine quickly earning a membership on its editorial staff.  Attending St. John’s University he majored in Legal Studies, and minored in Creative Writing. When taking these creative writing classes he began seriously considering the potential of becoming a novelist. He started writing the very first drafts of what would become his later novels.

Providing both the artwork and the story, in the summer of 2012 he released a web comic “The Quantum Fluctuator”. This illustrated adventure tells the story of a time traveling scientist who survives a global disaster and intends to use his time machine to ensure that such a catastrophe never occurs again.  “The Quantum Fluctuator” is available for free online.

In November 2012, A. Jordan Booth published his first novella “The Jazz Age” as an E-Book. A crime Noir story about a hit man losing his edge, “The Jazz Age” began its life as in the writing workshop classes of St. Johns. It was the first step in a self-publishing journey.

In 2014 he followed The Jazz Age with two full length novels. “Death and Professor Longfellow” tells the story of a literary professor who never lived his life to the fullest. Death comes to him in the form of a trouble making red head and offers him a second chance at life… if he earns it. “The Superhero’s Log: The Origins of Liquid Silver” is the first in a series of young adult adventure novels about three brothers who discover an ancient evil and become their world first superheroes. 2015 saw the publication of an original scifi novel “Nova of the Machines“.

With more novels in the works, the coming months should see the release of several other books. For information on upcoming writing projects click here.