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After publishing The Jazz Age (available as an E-Book) and Death and Professor Longfellow (available as an E-Book and for print) its time to move on the next projects. I have three books on the chopping block soon to be available for print and download. The first is The Superhero’s Log: The Origins of Liquid Silver. This young adult fantasy is the first in a series that tells the story of three brothers who discover superpowers and have to become the superheroes they’ve always imagined.

This is a very personal story to me. The Superhero’s Log was a childhood fantasy, I made up to entertain my brothers. (Guess who the three main characters are based on.) I’ve always loved superheroes. For a kid who had some health problems, imagining myself stronger than I was, helped me become healthier. It didn’t matter if that hero was Popeye, Superman, Spider-Man or Heracles. The mythic archetype of a powerful protector was one I always identified with.  I know I’m far from the only young boy who made up superhero fantasies growing up, so why not write it all down.

This story is what made me decide I wanted to be  a writer in the first place. At a very young age it made me realize that when I had a story to tell I could write it down and give it to others to read. From there I began working on as many stories as I could write. It’s taken me years  but now I’m ready to share my story with the rest of the world. My planned publication date 10/1/2014.

Keep tuned to for more informations in the coming weeks.


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