Review: Gotham “The Balloon Man”


Once sentence review: Though a simple who done it murder mystery, the Balloon man starts to explore the idea of vigilantism, and how it will apply to the overall Bat-Mythos

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For a cop show this wasn’t a great mystery. The reveal of the man behind the mask wasn’t anything special. For a deconstruction of the romanticization of a  vigilante this was a pretty decent.

For a little recap, The balloonman targets people who he sees as having it coming, ties them to a weather balloon and watches as they float into the stratosphere.  The idea of killing someone by attaching them to a weather balloon is ridiculous. Then again so is dressing like a bat to fight crime, so I won’t judge. The Balloon Man’s victims are at Bernie Madoff style business man, a crooked cop, and a child molesting priest. These are all people that have done horrible crimes and would probably have gotten away with it.  It’s no surprise that he would be cheered on by the general populous. So what he’s a murderer? These people are monsters, except the balloon man causes the death of an innocent old lady. The balloon man doesn’t care. He is just as monstrous as the monsters he kills. The people of Gotham need to rally behind something, anything.  What Gotham needs is a symbol, something incorruptible, elemental… Sorry I’ll stop quoting batman begins. We don’t have the hero Gotham needs or deserves yet… well have to settle for Gordon.

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