Review: The Legend of Korra “The Calling”


One Sentence Review: Though easy on the action, these episodes were charming and instill a sense of hope.

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    Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo’s journey around the world while looking for Korra was something we haven’t seen since the earliest days of season 1 of The Last Airbender; childlike wonder and innocent adventure. The Avatar series went into some dark places, with genocidal, anarcistic, and apocalyptic villains. This season has been leading up to a imperialist monster trying to take over the world.  It nice to see Tenzin’s children being children. Its something that has been missing. The rest of the heroes of the series are teenagers. Teenagers being teenagers isnt as much fun as the antics of the young.

Korra’s soul searching journey reaches a nice conclusion. The fact that Tenzin’s children found Korra is a good symbolic touch. After all the pain and suffering, she’s had to grow beyond herself. She couldn’t do that unless she first regressed. “Ye must become like a child”.  Looking back on the three previous seasons I can’t help but wonder if The Legend of Korra was always trying to tell one story. Every season, the big bad has hurt Korra, and caused a major loss of power. I’m thinking that the writers may have had one story arc showing the death and rebirth of the titular heroine in mind originally

My favorite part of this episode was the scene of where Korra purges the last bits of metal poison from her system were beautifully animated. It was such a high note that I can’t help but fear that there is something darker on the horizon. Korra has always been struggling to keep up with her enemies. She seems stronger and more balanced than ever before. Her conflict with Kuvira may be one of the most epic ones we’ve seen yet.

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