Eternal Con In Retrospect


As an indie creator it’s hard to elevate yourself above the fray, so not too long ago I decided a good way to get myself out there was to participate in comic book conventions. This last weekend was Long Island Eternal Con, held at the Cradle of Aviation Museum from Friday to Saturday. This is the second year I’ve exhibited my books and artwork and the fourth con I’ve participated in. I was very excited to be part of this convention and if you were to run into me at any point over the last few weeks Eternal Con was probably the only thing you’d hear me talk about.  So come Monday morning everyone was asking me: “How did it go?”


In all honesty it was great! It’s easy to go to these things and have a lot of fun. There’s plenty artwork, costumes, and nostalgia. It’s an entirely different thing to exhibit at a con and consider it a success.  My display looked awesome, I got a lot of positive feed on my writing, and I even made a tiny bit of money (one of the hardest things to manage as a starving artist.) I’m not ready to kick back and retire to a beach to sip margaritas, but this was a small victory. This is just another step in the Self-Publishing journey I find myself on.  Now on the next adventure!


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