Epic Spotlight: Red Skull First Look!

I was browsing the interwebs, and came across some some images of the Red Skull from Captain America: The First Avenger Check it out!

Here we see Hugo Weaving as Johann Schmidt the human identity of the Red Skull.  As a veteran actor of mega villains like Agent Smith, and the voice of Megatron, I’m glad to see Weaving as The Red Skull. He’s so good at being evil, and there are few in the Marvel universe as evil as him. We know in the course of the movie he uses Hydra to try and get his hands on the tesseract, known better to comic book nerds as the Comsic Cube.

Here’s the concept art of Skull in his SS uniform. Notice his shoulder patch. It’s the HYDRA symbol. I wonder if the Cube is going to give him his red face. Compare this to image of Red Skull in the first Captain America movie.

I don’t think the old image was all that bad. He’s just too shiny.  The new designs look great and hopefully the quality in the next movie will be out of this world. Make up and prosthetics have come a long way. I know the more evil he looks more satisfying it will be to see him get smacked in the head with a disk shaped, star spangled shield!

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