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Writing aspirations

Since I was very young, I wanted to be a writer. I always had an overactive imagination which I channeled into weaving complex and sprawling epics.  It was a passion I nurtured through my childhood and adolescence. Now that I have reached adulthood (or at least a reasonable facsimile) I’ve decided to do something about it. Over the last year I have completed four manuscripts, and the time has come to start making them available for the world to see.

I’ve chosen to go the self publishing route, which is both exciting and a little daunting. Self publishing lets you control every aspect of the publication process. I’m not just an author, I’m the editor, cover artist, publicist, design team, and sales man. I’m sure I’ve skipped a few. The amount of creative control is staggering. I can literally do whatever I wish with my books. I can make exactly the kind of book I want. For someone as hyperactivity imaginative as I am, that can be a lot of fun.

 The four manuscripts I have been working on are all complete. All have been professionally edited and I only need to complete to process of formatting them.  For just a little teaser of what is to come in the next few months see below:


Death and Professor Longfellow

This story tells the tale of Professor Robert Longfellow, an older man, who never really lived his life to the fullest, until it was too late. The good professor is about to learn in that sleep of death what adventure, and trials may come.


The Superhero’s Log: The Origins of Liquid Silver

This is the idea that made me want to be a writer. Based off of superhero stories I used to tell my younger brothers  during our childhood This is Issue #1 of a Young Adult superhero adventure. I’ve previously spoken of this in my “Liquid Silver Project” Page. Now the Liquid Silver project starts in earnest.


Nova of the Machines

Imagine a parallel world where humanity has abandon their version of Earth, leaving behind their robots to inherit the desolate wasteland. What might machines, built only to serve mankind do without mankind? What would happen if they discovered the last two humans?


Stone Jaw: The Fall and Rise of Jack Roxxon

Jack has been alot of things in his life. An orphan, a rebel, a drunk, a lover, and above all else… a boxer. So what went so wrong in his life that he abandoned his dream to be a champ… for a life as a contract killer?


Keep your eyes peeled for updates. I should have my books available on Amazon soon.

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